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No matter what your life has been like up to this point, an exciting new world is open to you. And all it takes to get you there are some very specific skills which you can gain by a short daily practice.

What skills and how short is the daily practice?

The daily practice takes about 15 minutes a day and the skills will be shared in full detail as part of the group...

Want to know more? Watch this short video and you can join us right now.

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The Internal Bully

When we want to get something done, especially something we aren't looking forward to, we often recruit the help of a big, bald, tattooed, bouncer-like bully to kick us in the rear and force us to get to it. A lot of people call theirs Will, I call mine Charlie. Any time there's something we 'have' to, instead  of 'get to,' Charlie shows up to make sure that the have to's get done. Charlie can manifest as any number of “productivity tactics” that use pain as a motivator. For...

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Sir Tannity vs. Ignaz and the Dangers of Not Questioning

Our next villain is the friendliest seeming fellow, and one would be hard pressed to find a more likable character anywhere. His name is Sir Tannity, and he is all smiles and noble gestures.  Never an unkind word escapes his lips. To even call him a villain seems just wrong. How could such an innocent, good-natured guy be grouped together with the likes of Sly Sufero, whom we met in a previous encounter about Sleeping Beauty?


(all GIFs courtesy of GIPHY)

Remember, the thing...

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Unmask the Villains Robbing You of the Life You Want

Unmask the Villains Robbing You of the Life You Want

The REAL Villain in Sleeping Beauty

Villain #1 goes by many names, but one of his lesser known aliases is Sly Sufero.

His M.O. is to get inner access to his victims by pretending to be a good guy. 

Sly gets his victims to trust him by promising to keep them safe, and convincing them of what terrible things will happen if they don’t listen to him.

Once he gets inner access, his hidden agenda is to use this cover persona of...

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